The Biggest Flaw of “Diets”

weight lossThe Biggest Flaw of “Diets” is the focus on strictly weight loss.


Watch this video to find out the truth about weight loss.

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Karissa’s Story: Inspiring Teenage Weight Loss

My Story

karissa b&aIf I’m being completely honest with myself I’ve struggled with loving my personal image since early junior high years. Which is around the time that every early teenage girl starts to look at her personal image with a little more meaning. It’s all about “fitting in” at that age it seems. If you’re not the popular girl or at least liked by the popular group you become a shadow in the background. That’s at least how I can tell you I felt.

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Say Good-bye to Belly Fat!

Belly Fat is one of the most difficult fats to shed.
There are no secrets nor are there any exercises specifically for “spot” reducing fat on the belly.

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Power to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

 1 in 3 of us will set the same goals for our New Years Resolutions year after year after year.  Health goals are consistently in the top 3 with losing weight usually being the first.

We read the list to the left and laugh…mostly because it reminds us of ourselves.  Why is it that over 1/2 of us will not stick to our goals until even 1/2 the year is over?

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Lose Weight and Get Healthy with Antioxidants

Antioxidants; the word that was popularized and brought to public awareness by Dr. Lester Packer,  the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist who wrote the first “layman’s” book on antioxidants, “The Antioxidant Miracle”.

So what are antioxidants, why do we need them and how can they help you lose weight?  what benefit do they deliver for us?  Great question!  I’m glad you asked!  🙂 Just take a look at all these benefits!

ante up on antioxidants  

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