First:  The Best & Easiest Way to Start Your Fitness Routine.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis


Basically, in a nutshell, it means to get off your butt and move!  Not gym membership kind of move, but just good ol’ fashioned moving.  Easiest way to begin incorporating more movement into your day and start burning calories.  Here are a few N.E.A.T. Fitness ideas:

Stuff like turning up the music and vacuuming with a bit of vigor, wiggling while washing dishes, dancing while dusting…you get the idea.

As you can see in the chart above, it does not take a BIG lifestyle change to produce a BIG health change.  Isn’t that awesome?!  The truth is you DON’T have to buy a gym membership or even a home gym to get healthy.  All you need to do is get moving.  Start living.  Life your life in action.

Now as a personal trainer myself, I am not saying there is no place for a personal trainer.  If you struggle with disciplining yourself or just like the challenge of a new workout every week, by all means hire a personal trainer.  But personal trainers are not supposed to be life long buddies.  We are meant to for you to use and move on.  We are meant to teach you how to create a safe and effective exercise program, teach you the proper technique and support you as you develop the habit of fitness.

There are several well known medical professionals that preach N.E.A.T.  They recognize that not everyone is a Type A personality that wants to take the bull by the horn and “kick-it”.  If you need more convincing that non-exercise activity thermogenesis is as effective and easy as I’m telling you, buy their book!  I’ve read it and love it!  It works…and that’s what I love.




Second:  Walk ->Power Walk

After a week or two of incorporating N.E.A.T. into your daily life, the next step in your fitness routine is just to start walking with purpose.  Stand up straight.  Swing your arms.  Start out at a comfortable pace.  Increase your pace and/or distance each week and you will enjoy more energy, more weight loss and become a happier person as your body releases all those lovely “feel good” hormones.

Here is a simple plan to help you get started.

transformation 90



Third:  Incorporate a Sport or Movement that You Love
OR Learn a New Sport or Movement


Do you like to dance?  Then take a dance class.  Do you like to play soccer, basketball, or any other team sport?  Then find a bunch of friends or a local team to play with.  Do you like to swim?  Then swim.  If you did not play sports as a kid, perhaps now is the time to learn a sport you’ve always wanted to learn.  Perhaps a couples sport like tennis so you can enjoy it with your friend or significant other.

There are so many fun choices…here are just a few:

fitness ideas– Active games on video game systems like Wii, X Box, etc.  Great to do with your kids!
– Aqua aerobics, step aerobics or regular
– Barre class / ballet workout
– Basketball
– Belly Dancing
– Body Attack
– Body Balance
– Body Combat class
– Boot camp
– Bosu
– Burlesque
– Callisthenics
– Circus school – go the trapeze
– Cross fit, not for the faint of heart!
– Cycling or a cycle class
– Dancing – so many kinds to try or simply go nuts in your living room like me.  🙂
– Exercise DVDs – of every description, in the privacy of your own home (very popular ones include P90X, 30 day shred, Tae Bo, 10 minute solution series).  This is what I’ve been doing for almost 20 years and still love it!
– Fencing
– Golf
– Gymstick
– Hiking
– Horseback Riding
– Hula hooping – can get weighted hoops.  Great for the waist!
– Ice skating
– Interval training
– Jump rope
– Karate
– Kayaking
– Kettle balls
– Kickboxing
– Kids games and fun- tag, hopscotch, cartwheels, handstands, monkey bars
– Kranking – upper body workout
– Netball
– Obstacle courses
– Paddleboarding
– Pilates
– Pole Dancing
– Power walking
– Racquetball
– Rebounding – mini trampoline.  I’ve had mine for over 16 years and still love it!
– Resistance bands
– Rock climbing – indoor or outside
– Roller blading
– Roller Derby
– Rowing machine or crew on the water
– Sailing
– Skiing – downhill or cross country
– Soccer
– Softball
– Squash
– Surfing
– Swimming
– Tai Chi
– Tennis
– Touch/ flag  football
– Trampolining
– TRX fitness
– Ultimate frisbee
– Volleyball
– Wake boarding
– Weight training or Body Pump classes.  I highly recommend weight training.  It is a key to a sculpted body.
– Wii Fit
– Windsurfing
– Yard work / gardening
– Yoga
– Zumba – lots of fun for those that like to dance but don’t know how to.


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