Gain Health vs. Lose Weight

90% of the reason clients work with me is because they think “I need to lose weight!”


But is that whole truth?  Do they really need to lose weight to get healthy or do they need to get healthy to lose weight?


You are right!  Both.  Weight gain…extra body fat… and poor health is the result of many different underlying emotional, genetic and psychological issues and both are intimately connected to each other.


So what is the correct way to lose weight?  Dieting?  Fasting?  Massive amounts of cardio?  Calorie counting?  Severe food restrictions?  None of these.

But you say, “Don’t these all work?”  Yes, they all work…temporarily.  And temporary is not good enough, at least as far as long-term health, happiness and longevity are concerned.  So if you are going to a class reunion next week and need to lose 5 pounds quickly, these are fine, but if you are looking for a permanent body transformation and a healthier, happier future, they just don’t work, not only that but do them too many times and you can severely damage your ability to lose weight and keep it off forever!  So not worth it.

Here is the answer.  Focus on getting healthy and unnecessary body fat will fall off….guaranteed.  There are many reasons to focus on gaining health vs. losing weight.  Here are  the top 5 reasons based on the 5 pillars of successful health gain and weight loss:

1.  Nutrition:
First of all, always remember that nutrition is King and exercise is Queen.  When you consider that 80% of weight loss results are based on nutrition, it makes sense to focus on proper nutrition rather than reduced calories which usually translate to reduced nutrition as well.  If you are getting the proper nutrition it is highly likely that your calorie count will go down and it is guaranteed that you will get healthier and lose weight.

2.  Exercise:
Now you may be asking yourself, “If nutrition is 80% of weight loss success, why exercise?”  While it is true that you can lose weight without exercising you will also gain the weight back easier and faster by NOT exercising.  Why?  Because your body has a fat burning engine and a huge part of that engine are your muscles.   Not only that but studies show us that those who exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week are much more successful at sustained weight management.  SO, if you focus on gaining health by increasing your lifestyle activity, eg. take the stairs instead of the elevator, and incorporate some weight training, you will not only be gaining greater health but you will lose weight and keep it off!

3.  Emotions:
What do your emotions have to do with health gain and weight loss?  Everything!  Most people that I’ve worked with have at least, if not several, emotional eating triggers.  Stress, boredom, sadness, anger, recurring social situations, etc.  So what is the first thing they do when they give into an eating trigger?  They have to deal with the shame and regret.  Not conducive to a healthy anything.
BUT, if they focus on gaining health rather than trying to lose weight, their whole perspective changes.  They begin to ask themselves, “Is this bringing me health” rather than “Am I allowed to eat this?”.  Big difference psychologically.

4.  Mind:
Your mind and emotions are closely related so the two of them somewhat overlap.  Consider this:  the way you think creates a belief,  your belief creates an emotion and your emotion creates a behavior.  It all begins with a thought.  If your thoughts are focused on gaining health instead of losing weight you will naturally begin creating a belief around health instead of weight loss, your emotions will focus on the positive of health gain instead of the negative of weight loss and you will behave as a healthy person instead of a die-ting person.

5.  Support:
Have you ever been with someone who can’t eat anything?  It’s a bummer.  Compare that to a person who can eat a little of just about anything, but whose foundation is healthy nutrition.  Aren’t they more encouraging and empowering to be around…unless of course you are dealing with guilt from over-indulging or eating poorly.   🙂  There is an old saying, “You will attract more bees with honey than vinegar”.  You will attract more people by being positive, upbeat and not so restrictive than you will by not enjoying life.  Not only that, but your healthy lifestyle and transformed body will be an inspiration to everyone around you.

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