How to Improve Your Metabolism

Why do some people eat anything they want and never gain a pound while others eat next to nothing and gain 10 pounds? Is it nurture or nature? Is it genetic or generic? It is called your metabolism and you do not have to be a victim, you can be the victor.

Metabolism is based on your own personal chemistry; how your body responds to the foods you eat, your environment, stress, the air you breathe, the liquids you drink and the food you eat. It also involves your liver, thyroid, digestive tract, adrenal glands and pancreas. Genes do play a very small part, actually only 5%. There are several ways you can improve metabolism by addressing the needs of the major organs involved in metabolism, the food you eat, the liquids you drink and your overall wellness. Here are some great ways to improve your metabolism, starting today:

improve your metabolism


1. Eat as many live foods as possible. Avoid as much processed, packaged and primped foods as possible. These foods are dead and have no nutritional value and they greatly slow down your metabolism because they are not meeting the needs of your body to break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to give your body the energy it needs to maintain itself and burn fat properly (your metabolism).


2. Take care of your liver by drinking dandelion tea, eating the above foods, restrict your alcohol, and do a liver detox at least once a year.

3. Take care of your thyroid by ensuring you are getting enough B Vitamins, Iodine and Selenium by either supplementation (recommended) and adding these foods to your daily diet: brazil nuts, cranberries, kelp, dulse, spirulina and coconut oil.

3. Take care of your digestive tract by avoiding dead foods, take enzymes if needed, eat lots of fibre and manage your stress effectively.

4. Take care of your adrenal glands by being aware of and addressing stress, sleeping well, exercise, don’t drink too much coffee and avoid dead foods.

5. Take care of your pancreas by limiting your alcohol, not smoking, limiting your caffeine and eating spinach and kale, brown rice, oatmeal, red grapes, blueberries, cabbage, broccoli, and reishi mushrooms.

6. Be sure to include weight-bearing exercise in your exercise program at least 3 x’s/week. Ideally, do an upper body resistance workout 2x’s/week and a lower body resistance workout 2x’s/week.

7. Drink lots of water.

If you do the above 7 things to improve your metabolism, you will feel better and most likely start losing that weight you’ve been trying to lose for a long time now.


To your health,


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