The Real Power Behind Weight Loss

It seems everyone thinks there is a “secret” to weight-loss as so many people have failed at their weight-loss attempts while they watch very few others succeed.  Oh sure, they see the success stories in magazines and ads but for some reason it seems to elude them.  Well, I am here to share the “secret”, the real power behind weight loss,  with you and tell you where to find it.  🙂

The “secret” is right where you are.  It is in you already.  It is not something you can touch but it is more real than something you can touch.  It can never be destroyed, unless you decide it can be.  It can never be taken from you, unless you give it away.  In itself, it can do nothing, but with you, it can do just about anything.  It is free.  It is the source of your freedom and you have complete control over it.  Sound too good to be true?  Have you guessed?

Yes, it is your attitude.  Plain and simple, but true.  Your attitude is the most powerful thing you possess.  It can make or break your success.  It determines your success in everything you do, not just weight loss.  Why?  Because it is the starting point, the staying power and the success predetermination for every change you make or habit you form.

Let’s take a look at all three of the S.P.’s:


1.  Starting Point.  Everything starts with a decision.  Even indecision is a decision.  Making the decision is the hard part.  Once you’ve made the decision it seems that everything starts working to make it happen because the thought has a permanent place in your soul.  Your subconscious has something to work on now.  Before the decision actually takes place, everything is in limbo.  You know that horrible feeling of indecision?  We all do.  The easiest way to deal with that is to make the decision.  Since we are talking about weight-loss, once you make the decision, what’s the worst that can happen?  You can’t fail.  You can only stumble and get up because you’ve already made the decision.  If you only say “I will try”, you will fail.  Make the decision that you are doing it and it will happen.


2.  Staying Power.  What is the one thing that differentiates the successful from those that fail?  Their staying power, in other words, their attitude.  They fall just as many times as anyone else but they choose to get up again because they made the decision that what they set out to do will be done.  Maybe the path to the end goal has to change a bit but the end goal does not change.  Perhaps more education is necessary.  Perhaps an adjustment in their schedule has to be made.  In any case, what needs to be changed will be changed to reach the end goal because the decision has already been made and there is no turning back.


3.  Success Predetermination.  Nothing determines your success more than your attitude.  It is the real power behind sustained weight loss success and every other success you have in life.   It does indeed shape your destiny and I know you want a destiny of success.  I encourage you to make the decision to become as healthy as you possibly can and in that process I guarantee you WILL lose unnecessary body fat, feel amazing, do things you never thought you could do, and set the stage and foundation for success in every other area of your life.  Natural appetites are one of the most difficult beasts to take control over so if you can do that, you can do anything!

I invite you to join us here at Transformation 90 to begin claiming your real “power behind weight loss” for all the education, encouragement and empowerment you will need to succeed…after your decision of course.  🙂


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